Our story is young, born almost as a bet and,
in a short time, it became a reality.

About Us

Our story is young, born almost as a bet and in a short time it became reality! Enrico, a tuscan wine lover, and Susanna, a Sardinian DOC, went back to Italy and took back her family's land that had been uncultivated for years. Subsequently, they decided to move permanently in the hinterland of Sardinia, at the foot of the Giara, precisely in Sini, one of the many historic villages that characterize the rolling hills of the Marmilla. This was an important choice, ambitious but also difficult and full of sacrifices for two young people who really started from scratch, have rolled up their sleeves to start their own company with so much dedication, competence and desire to do something different! Enrico, who is graduated in Agricultural Sciences, with experience in the wine sector both in Italy and abroad,
independently takes care of management of the vineyards and wine production in the cellar, while Susanna, with a degree in Planning and Management of Tourism Systems, deals with communication, company marketing and sales. Pedra Niedda Tenute begins its adventure with the planting of the first vineyard in 2018 and the second in 2019, at the same time there are two vines we are renting from which we harvest the 100% cannonau grapes, which are used to make our wine called Basca. The first vineyard is located in the municipality of Isili at 700 m a.s.l., while the second is located in Morgongiori a few steps from Monte Arci. From the collaboration with a friend who is a local winegrower, with whom we work all year round in full harmony, we obtain our wine called Tittìa which is made from 100% semidano grapes.